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Wardrobe diary 黎堅惠衣櫥日記 2009/10 (下)Solar Return

Solar Return是太陽歸位,也就是太陽回到你出生時候的位置,也就是你的生日,大概是一年的時間一年容易又過去,尤其是意識的洞察力愈深,發生的事情也愈多,變化也就更戲劇性純粹從自己這些衣服日記看到自己個人的狀態,去年23月的時候,還沒有發現相機對焦功能已經進化到極敏感,很輕微的距離差別也能辨測,所以用相機對著牆身自動對焦,當人站在牆前,人就會變得outfocus,失去焦點朦查查


後來現照片很鬆,但不知何解,直至去夏天的Look 20才知道不是相機的問題,而是對焦的問題,就將valet代人,才焦。一路覺得為甚麼總是這樣朦查查,百思不得其解,這也是個人狀態的一種反映吧!那些日子就不是很focus這裡一點那裡一點的,任由時間的過去。


這些Wardrobe Diary10年前的分別恐怕就是不用再上班,不用為甲級寫字樓裝備自己而是時間許可的話,記得就拍下照片,有時是帶兒子去看牙醫,有時是跑步之後,有時是決定不了襯這副眼鏡還是那個袋更好,就讓照片作出客觀的指導。去年Wyman跟我說,他也開始了每日一拍,而且從未間斷呢,頗有沾沾自喜之意,我當然是佩服啦!他說每日一拍,會令自己穿得更漂亮,我可沒有這麼一回事。對我來說,它們只是一本照片式的日記簿,記下了當時的心情、狀態,甚至記得發生過的事。



最多人喜歡是Look 24,最令我感喟是Look 29,呢套LuellaLuella出道第二個年頭,靈感」來自BlondieDebbie Harry套黑白條子恤衫,因為我好鍾意Debbie Harry,又好鍾意Punk,所以一定要有呢一套衫,但是當年條裙是size著唔落的,十一年後竟然拉得埋仲有位鬆,大概是09年最高興的事情之一吧!我最喜歡是今天跟爸爸媽媽吃飯的生日裙子,買左好耐第一次穿的Bernard Willhelm紮染裙,佢今年又係做同一樣野!





32 comments to Wardrobe diary 黎堅惠衣櫥日記 2009/10 (下)Solar Return

  • miu

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Winifred ~
    ur bday’s dress is really pretty !!

  • clare

    i like your birthday dress too. effortless.
    side note, u shld totally do pony tail more ofter. u hv no idea how young and cute u look in it:)

  • dear Winifred, your clothing warm up the spirits~the separate style’s so adorable~~~
    recently, i read your article about the spirituality, and it help me to think in a brand new perspective way. and i tried to adopt the reborn “me” and the others i took a new look at.
    thank you soooooooooooo much~~

  • ren

    you look very good in the bob. i think it’s the best ever! makes you looks young while not too feminine.

    i would like to email you personally but couldn’t find your email anywhere. do you mind giving it to me?

    by the way, where did you get the check shirt in #66?

    take care

  • Oh yeah, i know, but it would take much more time, adn need to do make up etc….thanks !

  • you are welcome. I am happy for you too

  • #66 is GVGV, jap label. It’s getting stronger every year

  • aliendiva

    where is the YSL vest?!
    you worn it sometime in a function or an ad…i forgot….

  • gracemak

    I like your red party dress, good looking! happy shine!

  • wing

    #76 is very nice~~ so fresh…..i found that seems you like black, white and silver colour shoes…..

  • Davina

    Happy birthday Winifred! You glowed in your BW dress. You represent originality in my mind. Best wishes.

  • That’s encouraging! Thank you Davina

  • You have v good memory! I was late already that day so did not take it with my camera. It was a function…but i will wear it again. So you’ll see it later, maybe:)

  • euginie

    Is that Italy Brand called “Fiocco”?

  • oskar

    Is it just me or…Vuitton’s Monogram(@1st picture) has already grown in your mind?Wini?

  • BiBi

    hi..Winifred! Love the way u dress,love ur taste of fashion!!
    look for a while of the night dress already,Can’t found any Nice,
    COuld u suggest some nightdress for a bride who like some trendy design?
    love style like rodarte,antoniomarras,trashetc,but can’t afford thier price;
    hope u could advice some friendly price with good design & online website for searching the Nice dress!!thx so much!! 🙂

  • The best way is to do it yourself,a nd find a good tailor to facilitate your vision!! Congrats on your wedding!!

  • 54 Balmain+McQueen with Chanel Cocoon
    61 Chanel 09fw
    73 Miu Miu

    Am I right, Wini?

  • Yeah you almost got all of them right, only 54 is Chanel tweed jacket+ Markus Lupfer jumper with Cocoon:)

  • Jodymama

    I like #46 小雲 look(is that garscons’s knit?) 好青春& #61 classic chanel,how u comment the local designer brand, it almost disappear in HK!好可惜!以前金百利時光不再!有無人保育一下香港人才….one of my last favourite “madame Benjie” disappear in Central already..

  • It’s a shame isn’t it? Madame Benjie did persisit to the very last of HK designers scene….

  • Jodymama

    Hi Wini,請問Stylist會唔會出現係一個fashion show

  • Jodymama

    to be continued..
    請問stylist 同fashion designer如何分工?以我一直覺得stylist係幫一個人或一個label去負責 head to toe(如有繆誤請更正!)

  • joey

    Hi,Wini…I like#62 stud boots,is it junya watanabe??
    Can u tell where can i get this?thanks 😉

  • BoBo

    Hello winifred ,
    where can i got those stud boots of #62 (JUNYA WATANABE);#78 (TAO)???
    It looks cool!
    thx 😛

  • SL

    Hey Winifred, some of the images of your blog cannot be shown properly… it would be great if such problem can be fixed. 🙂

  • Tech support said it would be a browser problem. Nothing wrong with the blog, but maybe the browser you used id too old or not compatible:)



  • Hi, because of you comment, i tried the page, you were right, the display is malfunction. People work with their mouths these days. They told me what i told you, obviously without checking. I fixed it already. You can see them properly now:)
    Thanks for buying the book, and you gain something too, which is great!!

  • hi Winifred,nice taste of fashion,
    i wonder if you can provide an email or sth or you can email me at Marrisa@zeuz.com.hk
    if you are interested in talking about some advertising opportunities;) thank you,

  • Phoebe

    Hi Winifred,

    期待’黎堅惠衣櫥日記 2010/11′..


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