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同事說查詢Winifred x Jas M.B.的三個款式Winilisa、Lisa Clutch和Shopper Pocket(奶油色和黑色魚鱗皮),非常熱烈,故此新一輪訂購已展開,暫定截止日期是這個星期日31號。因為多人訂,基於上次的教訓,預早跟倫敦查詢每一個顏色還可以造幾多個袋,因為Jas M.B.的風格是限量製作,也順道查問他們的新顏色,情況如下:一、紅色Beach Red最少,現只剩6個名額。Black Scale Shopper Pocket 只剩7個,奶油色Cream Scale 只剩7個名額。Soft Petrol因是秋冬色,存貨較多還有十多個名額,Gun Metal和Gulf Blue 也是差不多。


Soft Terracotta

Soft Terracotta

昨晚倫敦傳來兩個新顏色Olive Buck和Soft Terra Cotta,Olive Buck看上去像是一種毛絨/麂皮的感覺,沒有機會摸,我甚至喜歡照片第二層的hot pink,十分Punk,於是問問那個hot pink叫甚麼名堂,好彩問了,原來 那 “hot pink” 就是Beach Red,燈光令色溫驟變,Olive Buck也不是灰色,而是黃黃綠綠的橄欖色,都有點反高潮。我再問同組的又沒有灰色?沒有,灰色只有Gun Metal。BTW,收到手袋的讀者都很高興,說Gun Metal顏色很漂亮。

Soft Terra Cotta則像一隻更溫柔的紅色,不知怎的,就是令我想起意大利,和Fendi和Prada某些曾經很漂亮的手袋顏色,我會再次隔山買牛。

winilisa-soft-petrol-c如果你沒有看上一篇博客,簡單的說,Winilisa是有帶但肩帶可拆除兩用,W29cm x H24.5 cm, 帶長96cm, $3700;

WiniLisa $3700

WiniLisa $3700

Lisa 是clutch,W33cm x H26cm, $3700

Lisa Clutch Beach Red

Lisa Clutch Beach Red

Lisa Clutch $3700

Lisa Clutch $3700

兩個款的顏色選擇有Beach Red/ Gun Metal/ Soft Petrol/Gulf Blue/ Olive Buck/ Soft Terra Cotta。所有皮袋全人手英國製造,每隻袋都不是100%劃一標準,顏色和剪裁都有1-3%的variation,是Jas M.B.眼中的個性,label tag裡他有解釋。

Cream Scale Shopper Pocket $1500

Cream Scale Shopper Pocket $1500

Black Scale Shopper Pocket $1500

Black Scale Shopper Pocket $1500

Shopper Pocket是W 31/34cm(微梯形),H26cm,$1500,顏色選擇有Cream Scale奶油色和Black Scale黑色魚鱗皮。

現在訂購是在十月底十一月頭到貨,一般訂購程序是先付一半訂金,到貨到再付餘下一半,因為Pay Pal手續費高達7%,我們鼓勵大家使用櫃員機轉賬和電子銀行轉賬。訂購請電郵至winifredshop@gmail.com

最後我要對沒有興趣訂購Winifred x Jas M.B.系列的讀者致歉,因為網店還有很多細節在討價還價,所以暫時還得借用這個地方(個人博客)發佈網店最新情況,請多多包涵。

10 comments to 倫敦新顏色

  • carrie

    Hi, Wini
    Is the shopper pocket made of leather (soft and thin)? And compartment or pocket inside?

  • It’s a pocket, supposedly to hold small things for you in a big bag. For more details, pls see the last post

  • heidi

    I like the soft terra cotta. More details of the desizn and the price please. How to order

  • Li Hoi Yee

    Hi Miss Lai,

    It’s beautiful. I would like to order Gun Metal one please. How to pay the bill?


    Hoi Yee

  • Design and price were what i was writing about. It;s 2 styles WiniLisa & Lisa, both $3700.

    The only thing i could add is magnetic buckle.

  • Ciao Wini,

    No need to apologize, we like to know what’s latest from your e-business, whether it’s from your blog or FB it doesn’t matter! It’s very interesting to see how you order, what is latest from London, your analysis on colors and quality, the photo you posted etc., I see a woman seriously doing her business, sincerely treating her customers and enjoying her work, la vita e’ bella (life is beautiful) isn’t it?

    Cheers! Keep up and bring more goodies to share with us 🙂

  • theresa


    Where I can see those bags? I prefer Lisa clutch in Gun Metal and Beach Red, I wanna touch the skin and feel if I like it or not. Any possiblity to see it in HK in Oct?



  • Hi Theresa,
    These bags are exclusive for winifredshop.com as they are designed by me and hand made in England by Jas M.B., Lane Crawford in HK carries Jas M.B. but only travel bags and men’s style. Jas M.B. has a showroom in Livingston street in London. We don’t have showroom as I aim to sell at the lowest possible price. As you know the most expensive thing in HK is space. The only to touch it is if you have a friend who owns one:)

  • Wendy

    Hi winifred

    Still can order now?

  • Debby

    Still available for order?

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