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Response復刻(2)It’s when you are stressed and then find peace


The sufi’s say that God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal and awakens in man.

It’s in you Winifred , that God is awakening.

It’s when you feel confused and then get clarity.

It’s when you are stressed and then find peace.

It’s when you are afraid and then find love.

It’s when you are ill and then find health.

It’s when you are angry and then find joy.

You get the picture, it’s all those times when you expand your consciousness.

Hello Jasmine,都是我不好,其實收到你的信之後,二月時候,在杜拜有另一個Gathering,但基於種種原因,我來不及將詳情轉告你,現在他們又有新的workshop了,除了The Gathering(Rebirth是其中部分,仍然是我的Peak Experience之一)之外,還有Open To Love的新workshop,Awakening, Deep Surrender 等等,地點有清邁,也有杜拜,都是環境優美的地方。詳情http://lifetc.com/page11/page11.html 或email

每個人都有拉鋸,只差程度,由分裂回歸一體,就是我們做人的挑戰,我之前提過關於3rd dimension和5th dimension,5th dimension的energy就是peace、love and oneness,這些很簡單的字,要實行起來一點也不容易,尤其是在香港這麼一個地方。上星期我跟來自馬來西亞的Jen Lin上工作坊,之後private session她讓我看我的life path,一切都很清晰,而我也在走對的路了,但我的障礙是conflict,她笑:「你不再自己打自己,不再有兩個自己,你就無事啦!」我仍然吃驚,下了這麼多功夫,仍然分裂,有無搞錯?但做人就是這麼一回事。再看Mark今天的電郵,不就是解答了,希望你有一個難忘的Gathering。

江瓊珠訪問我時說:「我都去過清邁,怎麼又不見我寫十萬字」,其實我去清邁都不知道那這個城市是怎樣,六天都是在Mandarin Oriental,但那五天的工作坊The Gathering卻令參與的人都不同了。我還是不要說太多,免得你有期望,作了心理前設,會影響結果。祝一切愉快。

Dear Wini
Buddha Gautama sent his blessings as I read your email. You seem to be overshadowed by him quite a fair bit.

He is also saying within you, there is a very brave and enlightened soul. So whatever changes you’ve been guided to make to your life so far are according to your higher plan. Everything is unfolding nicely for you.

Like you, I am very drawn to Judy’s work. At her retreat in NZ early this year, I was given the clarity on my new spiritual role which I am embracing with grace and gratitude. May I encourage you to continue to trust in your intuitive guidance.

嘩!我跟朋友説,Buddha Gautama本來不常在我的意識中,但因爲這個hello message,he’s now in my consciousness。

Transformation of Self is everywhere! 連看電視劇都有!《A Gifted Man》叫我一口氣看5集,一邊看一邊響起Nina跟我説的 “The veil between spirit and matter is getting thinner and thinner in 2012” 連電視劇都到了這醒覺一步,此劇創作人是女性,順理成章,我非常興幸她能爭取黃金卡士和時段寫這麼有意思的電視劇。

這是昨天寫好未upload,今天起來心血來潮拿出Osho Zen,抽到:

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