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109 comments to 星來的種子

  • Karen

    Wini, RIP! Missing u soooooo much! Wishing it’s not the truth…

  • May

    RIP. Hope you have a better life in the other world.

  • r

    Though we never met I feel like I have just lost a dear friend. Thank you for everything you brought us, Wini. I am sure you have accomplished your missions here and moved on in your journey. You have got such a beautiful soul. You are an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend.
    My prayers are with your son and your family.

  • Antony

    Wini, you are such a great great inspiration to me. LOVE you, always.

  • vanny

    Wini, thanks for yr articles, yr books, yr photos, yr views……miss you. RIP. God bless yr son and family.

  • AT

    Dear Wini,

    Thank you for everything! Wish you well in another world!

  • Panda

    Thank you so much for sharing all amazing things with us!
    you are always my mentor.

  • Ann

    Take care in the other world n everything will be fine. Your son will be strong with your love.

  • Yvonne

    Wini, RIP. Thanks for all of your sharing. You are always a wonderful woman and mother.

  • Jodymama


  • CINE


  • wing

    謝謝你給我們的Insight, 你一直是我的Role Model, 但願我們能為你做點什麼……不過我相信你會在某地活得美麗和安好。

  • Rachel

    RIP, Winifred. Thanks so much for inspiring me. I miss you.

  • San CHEUNG

    Say goodbye to your lower dimension.

  • yammie

    Rest in peace Winifred. miss you.


  • mimi

    wini, 感激妳的文字帶來的啟發,妳的真令人動容,相信妳已到一個更平靜的境界,祝願妳兒子與家人安好。

  • Stephanie

    May you RIP. Now you’re free from the cancer pain in heaven.

  • ChuScorpio

    Wini, thanks so much for all your inspiration and sharing, 願在遠方的你繼續活得美麗和快樂!!

  • Wah

    Rest in Peace.

  • rio

    thanks for every single word from you.

  • Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after going through some
    of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways,
    I’m certainly delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back

  • jadie c

    RIP ….. I always read your article about fashion on the newspaper and magazine before…. really like you …

  • V


  • Cat


  • Karmen

    Rest in peace, thanks for all the inspirating all these year.
    Although I do not know you in person, but I’ve been reading your article, blog, video etc for years. I just feel i lost a family member.
    Hope you well in another place, and all the best to your family!

  • AY


  • Sylvia

    Miss you. Rest in peace. You will be in my prayer.

  • Rowena Siu

    Your voice, articles & books shall be imprinted forever upon our hearts…RIP

  • Oscar

    I just can’t believe what I read on newspaper today!

    You must know what you need to do, where you are going now, I am not worried. My sadness is merely for myself, I was so looking forward to your next article. You have been a great inspiration to me and I am very grateful for everything I have learnt from your books & articles.

    You are truly a very special, unique person! Thank you for everything.

  • r

    昨天偶然聽到 Jason Mraz 的歌,猛然地想起你,鼻子一酸…

  • keiko

    每天都会来这里睇睇你…..Miss you so much!~

  • Sid

    Thank you for sharing everything with us! I also know Jason Mraz because of you, your positive energy will be here forever!

  • Morella

    Wini,you are my soul mentor!感谢你给予的一切。愿你已返回源头,未来的某个时空维度终会再遇见。
    thank you and love you!

  • Betti

    Wini, RIP. 永遠不會忘記妳… 一路好走…

  • Wallace


  • Jia

    Heard news this morning, just cant believe and shocking! I’m still waiting she update this blog, now she was gone. OMG, so so sad…..All the best for her family, I know she will happy in other place. Love you and bless you, dear Winifred.

  • Jenny

    I still feel like Wini will update this blog, sharing her wit, love and inspiration with us.
    Thank you for all the beautiful articles and photos you have shared with us. Blessings to your son~

  • Vivien

    Dear Wini

    Thank you for your aritcals and books gave me a lot of perspectives of life. Hope you happy and peaceful in another world and free from suffering. I will miss you.

  • Jackie

    RIP, So miss you…..

  • Jenny頓舍


  • Zz

    致Winifred 的家人和摯友們,

    很明白你們的哀痛,作為一個多年追隨Wini的讀者,心情也非常沉重與不捨. 如有悼念Wini的活動可讓公眾參與,可通知一聲嗎?Just wish to pay respect and bid farewell to Wini.


  • kitty


  • Sharon So

    RIP… in deep sorrow

  • carmen

    RIP,Winifred. You are such an inspiring person, we miss and thank you.


    Miss You So Much

  • kenneth

    Thank you for everything you shared with us Winifred, every time I read your books or articles I always found new inspiration. Rest in peace.

  • Carmen

    I feel really sad about this news. I read amoeba religiously 20 years ago and I feel like losing a dear friend. wish you rest in peace and continue to glow in the farmost land.

  • Mabel

    I feel the blog still alive….
    just feel that you are still alive…in other dimension
    Wish you FREE in other dimension/star star

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