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換季筆記 (3) all kinds of splendor!

明晚就出發到Tanzania + Zanzibar,所有換季上載要趕快完成。
簡單來説,螢光粉紅和螢光橙、頭飾、手套、大龍鳳、平底鞋、襪褲、body mapping 式的配飾都是好使好用的配襯。

At the same time I also like what Yohji Yamamoto said to WWD:

Y.Y.: Japanese young designers’ creation has become like stylists’ creation. I don’t feel envy.…It’s luck of the power of creativity, because they graduate from design university, fashion university, art university. They get nourished about very academic creativity, but they don’t have creativity from here [gestures to his heart]…soulful.

WWD: And you think that is a particular issue with the Japanese designers?
Y.Y.: No, not only Japanese. Everybody. We are losing those young people because we have too much information by media, especially [through computers]. We can see everything at the same time, so already they are spoiled too much. So when we have talk sessions with young designers or students, I tell them: “Be bright. Your eyes have become dirty.”

Bernstock Speirs

Neons arrives, pic cannot show how marvellous they are!

Body Mapping accessories

Catholic mood

metal gloves

on a more glamorous note

Wellies from UK

Rick Owens thigh high boots, no wedgies this time!


最後,是 Move On Mini 手袋,www.winifredshop.com終於趕不及開檔,有興趣的可電郵 winifredshop@gmail.com查詢,閃電藍Combo已沒有了,最好襯的灰色BLAZER和最好賣的黑馬毛仲有貨是因爲Jas MB搞錯單做多咗,你見到的全部只有一個,不會再訂!

Move On Minis

part 2 of Yohji
part 2 of Yohji
WWD: What do you think about the current political tensions between Japan and China?

Y.Y.: I was born as a son of war, so in my heart, the war didn’t ever finish…[when I think about Japanese aggression during the war] I go sinking in the deep darkness.…Right after the Second [World] War, [Germany acknowledged its remorse to the Jewish people]. It was an apology. So Germany did it, but Japan didn’t do anything. We lost a chance to apologize.

WWD: Do you think the situation will ever change?
Y.Y.: I think there are two ways of dealing with each other. One way is economic collaboration. Without this collaboration, Japan and China cannot go forward. The other side is very political. When China has an interior problem, like a problem between rich people and poor people, then they’ve got a big problem, they start shouting anti-Japan. It’s very political, to calm people down.

WWD: Do you think future generations of Japanese leaders could make a more serious apology?
Y.Y.: I don’t know. But the most clear situation in Japan is we are losing real leadership. We have no courage.…They should be more educated. At least a leader of [a country] in the modern world, they should speak English because English is the world language.

最後要讚是連卡佛,我幾乎不逛街的今天,除非要去試身,lc.com也有著它的吸引力,上一季它用順風速遞送貨,今季再訂衣服,發現連卡佛已經組成自己團隊,於是速遞員隨時是全身時裝的哥哥,大汗搭細汗,但不失儀態。我買了兩樣我很喜歡的東西,一個是Alexander Wang的白色壓紋手袋,另外是Franco Ferrari茄士咩喱士頸巾,不是將一幅蕾絲加在面上,而是織在一起,這種完美結合的高端手工,在中低價的規模暫時仍不能做到,初時有少少擔心太女人,但一襯上Herring Bone西裝外套,中和了,非常漂亮。

Alexander Wang winter white bag